cheap seo services

Cheap SEO Services: Is It A Deal Or A Scam

Have you ever heard the analogy “You get what you pay for”? Well, this holds especially true for SEO services. There is no shortage of agencies offering Cheap or Affordable SEO services. This is nothing new to our industry and many businesses have felt the repercussions of these so-called cheap SEO services. Falling for the […]

cannabis marketing agency

What to Look for in a Cannabis Marketing Agency

  As a business owner, you know and understand the importance of staying focus. That’s why it pays dividends to stick to what you’re passionate about and find a partner for the rest. That’s why finding a marketing partner for your cannabis business is a great first start to your outsourcing experiment. Since marketing needs […]

Cannabis Website Speed Test

A Look At The Speed of 50 Random Cannabis Websites It’s no secret that having a quick website will improve the overall user experience. Heck, a quick website will also improve your rankings within major search engines and can drive revenue too. Still not convinced? Learn why having a quick site is important. Here, at Kief […]

keeping up w algorithms

SEO Series: Keeping Up w/ The Algorithms

  Welcome to the SEO news series. This portion of the blog will focus on identifying trends within the SEO and digital marketing agency. We will also show you have you can take steps to future proof your online digital marketing strategy. Google is Releasing A Mobile-First Index In simple terms, indexing is the process […]