Cannabis Website Speed Test

A Look At The Speed of 50 Random Cannabis Websites

It’s no secret that having a quick website will improve the overall user experience. Heck, a quick website will also improve your rankings within major search engines and can drive revenue too. Still not convinced? Learn why having a quick site is important.

Here, at Kief Digital we talk about providing an optimum user experience. So, we decided to analyze the average load time of 50 random websites within the Cannabis Industry.

Site Speed Testing Procedure

These 50 websites were further broken out between Cannabis dispensaries, E-Commerce based Cannabis websites and Seed Banks. We utilized GTmetrix to determine the average load time of each individual website. The tool then computes a set of metrics along with the average load time of a particular site. You can also replicate this test on your website too. We then took the raw data and uploaded it to Tableau and modeled it from there.

website speed test

The results were very interesting, to say the least. The slowest website loaded in 12.7 seconds!

While the fastest site we came across loaded in .8 seconds and was owned by a Seed Bank.

Website speed results

As you can see Cannabis Dispensary websites tend to load the slowest closely followed by Ecommerce websites. We typically expect E Commerce websites to have trouble with load time since they tend to be very image heavy. Images are usually the largest file type of any website and can bog a website down if not managed. What we did not expect to see was dispensaries having trouble loading their websites. With the increase in business competition it pays dividends to have a quick and responsive website.

If any Cannabis Dispensary is looking to gain a competitive edge we suggest tackling any underlying site speed issues.

Key Takeaway:

It’s important to have a fast and responsive website to improve the overall user experience. If you want a quick competitive edge invest in a faster website. Curious to see how you stack up? You can run this test yourself. Simply, go to GTmetrix and enter your website’s URL into the bar and sit back.

Want to improve your website’s speed and SEO? Drop us a line we would love to help.

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