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Cheap SEO Services: Is It A Deal Or A Scam

Have you ever heard the analogy “You get what you pay for”? Well, this holds especially true for SEO services. There is no shortage of agencies offering Cheap or Affordable SEO services. This is nothing new to our industry and many businesses have felt the repercussions of these so-called cheap SEO services.

Falling for the affordable SEO services scheme will wreck your business. Here at Kief Digital, we don’t want this to happen to you. Our guide will explain what to look out for when vetting potential SEO partners.

What is Affordable SEO Services Exactly?

Every business has different price points and the definition of affordable will tend to vary. Let’s say your business generates around $50,000 in revenue every month. Well, $5,000 per month may seem affordable to you. However, on the other hand, if your business generates a few thousand per month then $5,000 per month is an absurd amount of money. It’s all subjective.

These companies offering so-called “Cheap SEO Services” tend to offer similar SEO packages in general. Let’s peel back some of the mystique around these cheap services.

Link Building
Some of these agencies offer cheap Link Building services. This can become problematic because poorly created backlinks can be very detrimental to your business in the long run. Some common Link Building services offered by these agencies include:

  • Directory Submissions
  • Bookmarking Submissions
  • Blog Commenting

These link building methods are not only ineffective at building your website’s domain authority but can diminish your brand’s credibility.

Content Writing

Content creation forms the basis of any successful SEO campaign. However, most of these agencies offering cheap SEO services have to automate or streamline this process. It’s no secret that content marketing services are in high demand. This is for a good reason to: it helps businesses meet key objectives and drive growth. An effective content strategy creates more visibility for your company. In fact, blogs on company sites increase site visitors by 55%. Companies with blogs receive 97% more backlinks than other companies.

Some content writing services these “Cheap SEO companies” offer include:

  • Automated Article Creation
  • Keyword Spamming
  • Duplicate/Poor Content

Unfortunately, these cheap content creation techniques can pose issues long term. Content with poor grammar, keyword spamming, or duplicated content can actually hurt your online presence.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose Cheap SEO Services

You Can’t-Do Much Without Money

For SEO, there are only so many actions you can take on a low budget. To drive growth with SEO you need to focus on high impact activities. These activities include content creation, backlinks, keyword research and technical optimization. These activities can be both time and capital intensive. This is where these cheap SEO services breakdown. This results in two things:

  • Cheap content creation can end up embarrassing your brand.
  • They will use gray or black hat techniques that will get your website penalized or tarnish your online presence.

You Will Lose In The Long Run

At Kief Digital, we understand you want to squeeze as much profit out of your business as possible. That’s why you’re in business after all. But there are a few things you never want to cheap out on.

Think about like this… would you want to find the cheapest doctor? What about the cheapest car? Of course not, you need to find a mix of value. The cost of choosing the wrong SEO agency isn’t immediate. In fact, it could take months of working with a bad SEO company to realize your mistake. The cost of choosing the wrong agency can come in many forms.

First, cheap SEO will get you a penalty. Cheap SEO may work in the short term but the long-term tactics will end up damaging your business’s online strategy.

In closing, it’s not a sustainable business practice to rely on cheap SEO Services to drive growth. If you rely on your online presence to drive revenue you don’t want to sacrifice long-term success for short-term gains.


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