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What to Look for in a Cannabis Marketing Agency


As a business owner, you know and understand the importance of staying focus. That’s why it pays dividends to stick to what you’re passionate about and find a partner for the rest. That’s why finding a marketing partner for your cannabis business is a great first start to your outsourcing experiment. Since marketing needs change at a rapid pace due to the nature of digital marketing. Here are 5 things to what to look for in a cannabis marketing agency.


You need to find a cannabis marketing agency that has a deep knowledge of their craft. It is important to find an innovative, flexible and agile cannabis marketing agency. Look for examples of past client profiles, blogs, articles written, awards, or special recognition.

Business Savvy:

Find an agency that is able to see the big picture. Make sure they understand your key processes and how they plan to drive revenue growth, lead generation and retention in business.

Also, you want your cannabis marketing partner to know their industry like the back of their hand. They should recognize that becoming an expert in their field is an ongoing process of learning and discovery, communication, problem-solving and developing understanding.

Vertical Expertise

Look for a cannabis marketing firm has knowledge about your industry, but keep an open mind. If you are an accounting firm, for example, you might not be able to find a digital strategist that knows cost accounting, but you can certainly cherry-pick enough to find one that understands financial services. Not only will you save time by not having to rehash cannabis industry basics. Heck, you might even be lucky enough to see some real innovation occur as your marketing team digs deep in the trenches to uncover hidden insights.

Digital Savvy / Technical Chops:

It’s not a deal breaker if a prospective cannabis partner does not have in-house programming expertise but they should have some degree of technical competency. The marketing industry has changed so drastically in the last decade. Nowadays you want a marketing agency that has a deep understanding of digital marketing basics at a minimum. A strong digital presence can quickly give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors. Specifically, an SEO strategy can dramatically work to achieve some sustainable business revenue online.

What other criteria do you think businesses should look for when deciding on a marketing agency. What questions would you like the answers to before partnering?

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