Trust Icon with DMCA Badge

Trust Symbols and human behavior have a long history, and today many people unguard themselves and are more likely to trust your website when it is validated by a third-party. Trust icons — also referred to as trust symbols— are more important today in our times where secured environments are more vital.

As we enter into a new era in computing, with internet of things (iOT), pay-by-phone capabilities and SSL (“https”) registered sites becoming more prevalent, website visitors are looking for the real deal online.

Trust Icon PNG Options

The trust icon .png image is vital to have in place so web visitors can find it when you’re scanning your site. Search Engines, like, Google like seeing web visitors interacting with your website as the goal of the search engine is to focus on the goal of the users– not necessarily the website owner themselves!

Therefore, when you’re scrutinizing your website looking for ways to get some quick optimization fixes, you need to start with optimizing the site with a trust icon png image somewhere on the website!

Trust Icon Example

DMCA Premium Badge 1

To add the trust icon PNG, just copy-and-paste the code into your website:

<a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Protect your content with a Protection Badge" /></a>

Note: Usually the code is added to the footer area of the website. This tends to be the best practice across English-speaking countries.

Reasoning on Icon for Trust Symbols

The purpose of the icon is to draw attention and ease the mind of the user entering your page. When the user trusts you, and likes you (by engaging with your content and web design), the user is more likely to be in a “buyer mindset.”

What’s the DMCA Badge?

The DMCA Badge is the a trust symbol that is well known to consumers. The DMCA stands for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and takedowns are now the realities for many copyright infringers online — this allows the ability to get your content removed from other websites regardless of whether they’re big or small!

DMCA Compliance

For professional companies, the DMCA provides an important feedback to the user in that it has shown that the website owner has taken the step of Protection (which is easy to do, and it’s explained later).

For Protection, it starts by registering for an account and you can choose the premium or free program. When the premium service is accessed, you get more benefits, of course. Though, any type of registered account will get you on the course for compliance.

DMCA Certification

The DMCA Certification is a really simple process. For certification purposes, you can do the following:

  1. Copy-the-code into your website.
  2. Verify the coding by going to the DMCA Website (noted earlier in “DMCA Compliance” section).
  3. Choose monitoring option for remaining in compliant.

DMCA Policy Generator

The DMCA policy generator usually serves in conjunction with certification. With the policy generator, you can further associate your images and content to would-be online thieves.

The policy generator can take form in either a trademark or watermark associating your images. With this association, many crooks will pass on targeting your content due to the additional hassle of removing the DMCA-watermarks that is nearly impossible to do without leaving footprints.

When the DMCA is involved, there’s more power to the punch!

DMCA Trademark

With the DMCA Trademark, immediately people see the association of your website with the trademarked badge. The DMCA trademark is recognized by many website users.

DMCA Watermark

The DMCA Watermark overlays a DMCA sign so the website visitors correlate your website to a trusted agency. The watermark simultaneously thwarts off people from scraping and re-using your content without your permission.

Putting it Together

Once you’ve added the badge to your website by following the steps above, you could further optimize your website for reputation management. Many times so many moving parts (such as registering for numerous citations, embedding code, fixing rendering errors, etc) can be a hassle to fix immediately. If you’re interesting in having the experts put it together for you, consider our digital marketing service, or feel free to contact us, too!